The Motown Motel

The Motown Motel is a ’55 Detroiter that we discovered sitting in someone’s yard in Manton, MI. She’s about 13′ long and weighs about 1500 pounds, a petite lil’ charmer. No big rig needed to haul her. She sleeps 4-5. One bed in the back, dinette folds into a bed, and there is an original cot bunk. Yes, a cot that hangs over the back bed. Not a good place to tuck grandma in for the night but the kids love it! Has a stove and the original ice box.

Check out our Packing List to help you get ready!

This camper is 13 foot long and 1,500lbs.
She takes a 2-inch ball and 4-flat wiring.

Stay a weekend for $275 or a week for $395!
(Discounts applied at checkout.)

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