About Us

famphotoCanned Hams and Bread Boxes and Teardrops oh my!

RetroRentals is more than a place to rent a really cool camper that will get more looks at the campground than anyone else’s. or driving down the highway. Or the back roads. It’s a husband and wife team plus 2 teenage boys that help saw and nail and paint and a daughter that shops with mom to find just the right shabby chic to go inside each sweet little camper. that loves, loves, loves every adorable little diamond in the rough sitting in someone’s field and desperately wants to take it home and give it some TLC.

We are Steve & Shelley Austin, owners of RetroRentals and Ryan, Logan, and Haleigh, worker elves. we absolutely love finding a piece of history and transforming it back into something useful. fun. swanky.

RetroRentals was born out of our mutual love for vintage everything and travel trailers. we love deco flooring. ice boxes. and pink counter tops. We can’t imagine ever camping in anything less charming ever again. and we know that the right camper is worth a four hour drive because a Sky Lounge doesn’t come along every day. even in 3 feet of snow.

And that’s what we want for our customers! Camping in a cozy canned ham. joining a tin can rally. catching the fever. Without spending all your hard earned dinero on something you won’t get to use every weekend, no matter how much you want to. Because life is busy. and the lawn needs to be mowed. and there’s little league. it needs to be simple. more Affordable. and more FUN!

that’s what RetroRentals is all about.
(that and having a whole lot of fun helping other people have a whole lot of fun)